Delmora®: Online Jewellery Store of the Year 2023 (for the second year in a row)

Entrepreneurship for me has meant a new beginning, the opportunity of re-invent myself in the way that I feel I am contributing to make this world a better place. Creating Delmora® has given me extraordinary memories that I will treasure.

Starting a small business is scary but it's less scary if you are surrounded by love and a lot of help. Many people have contributed to Delmora’s success. My husband, my family, my friends, my customers, my suppliers. Certainly, all of them have had an influence on what Delmora® has turned out to be. A multi award winning small company with strong values and many projects to develop. Today, I am excited to share to Delmora’s community that has won an award as the Online Jewellery Store of the year 2023. This award is the second in a row after winning the award in the same category last year.

To celebrate this important occasion, the London & Southeast England Prestige Awards 2023 invited us to a photo session in a beautiful venue located in Hampshire. Delmora® was also interviewed and afterwards, we celebrated this terrific achievement with a glass of wine.


It is great to be recognised for the second year, as it is hard work to maintain a website. Creating innovative content has paid off. This award means so much for Delmora® because we are a small business thriving in a very challenging environment.

 A panel of judges evaluated our website on its content, relevant links, distribution of information and our customer’s reviews. Our complete online presence was also checked as part of the evaluation, our Etsy store, Amazon store and our Google profile. The reviews of our customers on those platforms were critical in the process.

We want to thank the Prestige Awards for this recognition and applaud its commitment to support small independent businesses. The whole process was highly professional and organised.

Thank you for the support and for continuing to show us your love.

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