Our Story

DELMORA-Our-StoryMy name is Judy, I am the founder of Delmora™.


I would like to tell you that the idea of creating Delmora was a “magic” and unique experience that once came to me, I just decided to act. Delmora is the product of years of preparing, evolving, and making myself ready for the challenge. My love for business is in my blood as many of my family members are entrepreneurs. But that wasn’t enough, I had to prepare psychologically to face the fear and risks that come with the decision of being an entrepreneur.

I enjoy the process of continuous learning and I studied finance, project management, international business, teaching and business. In the job market, it is a weakness, not being able to focus on just one subject but for me, it was my biggest strength. Now, a few years after Delmora’s launch, I can say that every piece of knowledge has been incredibly helpful.

But the idea of jewellery made from Stainless Steel was the product of a personal experience. A few years ago, I was working in a London office and used to go for drinks on Fridays. I always wore some gold hoop earrings that my mom gave me before I got married. These earrings are very special to me. When I came home that Friday, I realised I had lost one. I called my friends and asked them to see if they could find it, but they couldn’t. I was hugely disappointed until I received a call, and I was informed that the earring was found. I was relieved, but I kept thinking that I should be able to have incredible jewellery that I can wear out without any worries if I lose it. So, that is why I decided to start selling a stainless steel line because it’s a brilliant material that is recyclable, incredibly shiny, and more durable than other materials for costume jewellery


The idea of working with Sterling silver and other materials came as a development of the initial idea and to fulfil the main goal of Delmora, which is to give options for women to express themselves to the world. A piece of jewellery is an instrument to communicate our feelings to others and its story is part of what we are. For example, when we buy a pendant consisting of a Tree of Life or a Butterfly, that represents new beginnings and the rebirth of our soul after a difficult situation.


Delmora™ stands for 3 main values: style, quality, and variety.

Style is the way you express yourself to the world. You can communicate your happiness, energy or hope… every time you choose an accessory. For example, butterflies have an incredible meaning as their lifespans can vary from a week to nearly a year depending on the species, they remind us how important and meaningful it is to live every moment as if it is the last one. They are also a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings on our lives


A piece of jewellery is part of your story and the perfect complement to any outfit. It elevates your presence and if worn appropriately, can elevate your features, growing your confidence and self-esteem. For example, if you wear just one colour, a long necklace can make a difference and project security. When you tie your hair back, big earrings can define your face. If you wear shirts or tank tops, a more discrete necklace will highlight your neck. It is all about what you want to project or what image you want others to have of you.

Your style defines your personality, and we at Delmora know it. We have designs with natural stones made from durable materials that will help you to project the image you want.

That brings me to the second value, quality. We use materials such as Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver. Stainless steel, for example, is recyclable, durable, and affordable. 

Sterling Silver is a lovely material that is also durable, its colour is unique. It makes a difference when you wear it. You can rely on this material and it’s easy to clean meaning you have a piece that you can use again and again.

Our third value is variety. Variety gives you the benefit of choice and you pick what’s best for you on the day. We offer our customers several mix ‘n’ match options to embrace each woman's style. For example, buy one chain and multiple pendants depending on your outfit or mood


Offering plenty of options is very important to Delmora™. That is why variety as a core value, it is more important over profitability. Despite that, we are a small company, and our budgets are tight. We prioritise offering small batches of several styles over mass production. Sometimes I go through the entire process of photography, video creating, marketing, quality control and pricing, just for one unit. Our margins take a hit as it makes the product way more expensive than creating 100 units of one style. The mass production method would be more efficient but also less unique and personal.



Creating Delmora has been one of the biggest projects in my life. Full of sacrifices but also rewards. As Delmora’s focus is on its customers, we take every step of production, marketing, selling and customer service seriously. Our products are assembled with love and by thinking about the woman who is going to wear them. With our 3 core values always in mind, our offer is competitive and adaptable to every woman’s style.


Please take a look at our collections and feel inspired by our designs.