Every DELMORA™ piece comes with a polish cloth to help you to maintain its shine and perfect condition. However, naturally, jewellery is delicate and should be treated with due care.

  • Please avoid contact with perfume, creams, and oils or any kind. Also, avoid saltwater and chlorinated water.
  • Remove your jewellery when you shower or bath.
  • Avoid contact with any household cleaners.
  • Clean your piece after every use using the polish cloth provided.
  • Keep your pieces in closed spaces that avoid dust and humidity.
  • Place your pieces separately to avoid rubbing.
  • Pieces that include enamel are particularly delicate. Jerky movements can cause the enamel to crack, or the use of chemical substances like perfumes could disturb its colour.
  • Pieces that include natural beads, particularly Agate, are extremely delicate even the smallest drop could cause damage.
  • Pieces with very thin chains are delicate and jerky movements could cause damage. Please be careful when taking them off and avoid harsh movements.
  • Special recommendation: when removing the labels, please use scissors.