DELMORA Repair for Club Members

If you are a club member and have a piece of Delmora jewellery that you would like repaired, just email us with:

  • A quick explanation of the required repairs
  • Photos

We will make an initial assessment online and send you the possible solutions. If you accept, you can send us the piece and after our second assessment we will confirm the repair.

We will:

  • Repair/replace clasps
  • Tighten / replace jump rings
  • Make small repairs or replacements but we will not do any soldering work or cleaning.

In some cases, the repair will be a free service and you will just cover the cost of delivery. In other cases, there will be small charges for the replacement of pieces.

Please consider:

  • All repairs are subject to stock and availability of the replacement/repair pieces
  • In some circumstances it will not be possible to repair the piece.
  • You will cover the costs of delivery