DELMORA Recycling

An important part of Delmora’s values is taking care of the environment and reducing waste as much as we can. For this reason, we:

  • Use recyclable materials for our jewellery
  • Use Eco friendly packaging (our gift boxes are recyclable and made of recyclable paper)
  • Use recyclable posting boxes
  • Use recyclable labels

There are some cases in which we can’t avoid the use of plastic, for example, to protect your product in transit in case of rain. However, the use of this material is minimal.

In addition to the previous list, Delmora™ is offers recycling of all its pieces to all its customers. Just send us your Delmora™ piece to be recycled and we will take care of it by taking them to the recycle facilities.

Please specify that your piece is intended to be recycled and that’s it. We will accumulate all pieces and take them all to the metal recycling site.

Currently, Delmora™ is not re-using used jewellery pieces and can’t offer any rewards for this program.

In case you are sending other pieces with additional purposes, such as repair, we ask you to use different bags to avoid any misunderstandings. The bag with the recycling should have a note saying: TO BE RECYCLED. 

Please note that any bag or package received without instructions, will be sent back to the customer, or discarded.

Our mailing address:

Delmora International Ltd

Broadway Buildings, Elmfield Road, Bromley, London.