Delmora® in SoutEast London by the British Libray-BIPC and SUB


Creating Delmora® has been, by far, one of my most significant achievements. Being a small business owner is a daily struggle, but it also brings a lot of satisfaction.

Looking for new pop-up locations and new and innovative ways to reach customers is challenging, especially with tight budgets. But there are other activities also involved when having a business, and one of them is public relations. Today, I'm delighted to share that The British Library- Business and IP Centre (BIPC) and start-Up Bromley (SUB) have created a poster highlighting Delmora® and have located them around some Southeast London bus stops.

I jumped when I was notified of this terrific news, and my heart was thrilled. This news came at a perfect moment as I was going through difficult times.

How did it start?


Although I was shy in my younger years, when I created my small business, I knew I needed to change that part of me. Now, I take every possible opportunity to speak about Delmora® even if I am trembling with nerves. 

When Start-Up Bromley asked who wanted to apply to be a Bromley Business Ambassador, I didn’t doubt putting my business through. I had been a member since the early days and had previous collaborations with the British Library.

After waiting a few months for their results, I was notified as an ambassador for Bromley. I attended a photo session at the British Library. Then, I had an event in February where I could sell my products. Recently, I was notified of this poster, and who knows what is coming next?


My experience as a Start-up Bromley member has been excellent; I attended multiple trainings and was able to network with many (now) customers and other small business owners. I thank Start Up Bromley and The British Library-BIPC for all the support I have received. I remember my first pair of Colombian emeralds were sold at one of the British Library events at St Pancras in London.

I invite all small businesses to look for any support given at your local libraries and to join the Kickstart Your Business program. For me, it has brought a lot of satisfactory events, PR, customers, and friends.



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