Customise Your Jewellery With DELMORA®

We are so pleased to announce that Delmora® offers a new service of jewellery engraving. It includes pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Personalised-jewelleryOur new engraving and cutting machine uses Computerized Numeric Control - CNC technology to carve and cut into any metals. We will be using it on Stainless Steel, Silver, and Gold. There are a few specifications to be met regarding the size and flatness of the items to be engraved. Not all jewellery will be available for this service to ensure the highest quality. Extra small charms or open bangles are some items that can’t be engraved. See Delmora® engravable items here. 



 When deciding on your message to be engraved, please consider the following:

  1. Size of the item: We recommend only using a few characters or small messages for small items. Your message may not be easily legible if you have too many characters.
  2. Font: We recommend using clear, easily readable fonts.

One of our favourites is Bell MT, which is clear and looks fantastic. Other recommended fonts are Optima, Helvetica, Times New Roman.

We also love the fonts Lucida Calligraphy and Rollerscript, which are elegant and stylised. However, we recommend using these fonts on more oversized items to ensure your message is clear. 


  1. Metal Colour: your plated jewellery will have a beautiful finish with our machine. The engraved message will have a grey colour finish that will be more visible on gold, rose gold, and gunmetal-coloured jewellery. On stainless steel and silver colours, your message will be a bit less obvious, but will look much more refined.


Delmora® offers pendants that spell out your name. The recommended size is 5cm wide x 1.8cm high. However, you can decide on the best size based on your preferences. Initially, the cutting service will only be offered for stainless steel and 100% recycled sterling silver jewellery. This service will expand to other materials such as gold, Argentium silver, and plated stainless steel.

Before cutting, choosing a suitable font type is important, as it must go well when sticking the letters together. There can’t be any spaces to ensure the name is cut correctly. We recommend the font Adorn Garland or similar. 

After cutting, every item will undergo an ultrasonic cleaning process to remove any oils or liquids added to ensure a perfect finish.



We have plenty of fonts available. All are included in Word and Adobe Illustrator, so if you have special requirements or any questions, please send us a message. Click here to send a message.


Delmora® will offer a very affordable price to engrave eligible Delmora® jewellery and will continue giving special prices to all its Club members. Click here to subscribe to the club.

You can also bring us your jewellery to be engraved by us. Please be aware of the size and shape restrictions. It is preferable to have rounded, plane shapes with a minimum diameter of 2cm. Jewellery with gemstones will not be accepted for engraving due to the possibility of damaging the gem. For this service, Delmora® will charge:

  • £18.00 set up, plus
  • £00.30 per character


Personalised-jewelleryOur machine can engrave with tiny fonts, starting from size 4. However, these small sizes are not recommended as they will not be easy to read. We recommend beginning from font size 5.5.

The size of your message vs the size of the item is equally important to get excellent results. You can add symbols to your messages, such as hearts or arrows. 

Message ideas:

  1. Happy Birthday Sam.
  2. Happy Birthday Sam. 02/03/22
  3. Happy Anniversary
  4. I love you, Sam.
  5. To the best mum ever!
  6. Your name initials: Ex., JCh
  7. Your special place and date: E.g: London, 2 Feb 22.
  8. Judy and Aaron, always and forever. (Or simply "Forever.”)
  9. To have and to hold.
  10. Judy and Aaron, happily ever after.
  11. Sam, I'll always love you.
  12. Sam, you are my soul mate.
  13. Sam, my heart is yours.
  14. I do.
  15. Sam, my one and only.
  16. Sam, I'm forever yours.
  17. Sam, our love is timeless.
  18. Sam, you inspire me.
  19. To Sam, my best friend.
  20. Sam, many thanks.
  21. Sam, you did it!
  22. Sam, I'm so proud of you.
  23. Sam, you have my heart.
  24. Sam, it's you. It's always been you.
  25. Sam, I'm yours.
  26. Sam, the best is yet to come.


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