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SET: Snowflake & Strong Wind

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Enjoy this perfect combination of the Snowflake Necklace and the Strong Wind Pendant. You will have two different pendant styles to be combined with a chain, or you could wear the two pendants at the same time to get a chicer look. This set was chosen based on how well the designs work together.

The chain is a cable chain with metal beads. The pendants are snowflake-shaped and a flat round-shaped pendant. They are made of stainless steel and are inspired by the season of winter.

Snowflakes are considered a symbol of purity and life. When they melt, they transform into water, making it a representation of transformation, rebirth, and new beginnings. Their beauty and mysterious formation process have made them the centre of legends and proverbs in many different cultures.

The second pendant is inspired by the strong British wind as it shows plants being blown by a gust of air. Plants are related to nature and life, and many are comprised of evolutionary lineages whose existence is vital for aquatic ecosystems. It’s a gentle reminder of how important every small part of an ecosystem is and how without it, the entire ecosystem structure couldn’t exist.



Chain Length 50cm.

        Snowflake Pendant 2cm Height.

Strong Wind Pendant: Hole size 0.3cm, 2.4cm Height.

• Material: Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel is a durable and recyclable material.
• Metal Colour: Steel.
• Set Metal Weight: 7g.
• Receive also: a polish cloth, an inspirational quote.
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  • To maintain the lovely colours of this piece, please read our care instructions.
  • Delmora™ produces a few units of each design.
  • Delmora™ donates part of its profits to the charity LAWA that works with women from ethnic minorities and children to recover from abusive situations.